Consultations are changing

Triaging appointments

One of the key recommendations from both the Ministry of Health and the Royal New Zealand College of GPs to help protect the public from the spread of COVID-19 is to reduce time spent at their GP. They have asked us to reduce face-to-face consults by 70%.

The aim of this is to protect the vulnerable in our community and help reduce spread through patients at our clinic. 

For the next few weeks we will be running things a little differently to support this, and to do our bit to ensure social isolation can happen as much as possible. If you need to see a doctor or nurse, please phone us and give reception a brief overview of what you need. The ‘triaging’ doctor will call you and conduct a phone consult, or book you in with doctor or nurse ‘on duty’. You will either be charged for a 10 minute phone appointment or charged according to time spent if you come into the clinic.

We will still be able to see urgent ACC consults, dress wounds etc. Please remember we still want to support you as much as we can through this difficult time, patient care remains our number one priority.

Respiratory consults will either be sent to the Henderson COVID-19 clinic  or seen in the car, based on triage history.

Online booking of appointments will not be available at this time.

Flu vaccinations

We will still be running flu vaccination clinics for those eligible for funded flu vaccines. Protecting our vulnerable patients from influenza remains a priority in this very different health landscape.

Only those who are well, with no respiratory symptoms will be done in the clinic, if you are unwell we ask that you delay by a week or we may be able to vaccinate you in your car. The process for these will be explained to you when you book in (or if already booked we will call you).

Prescriptions and lab-tests

Repeat prescriptions will be faxed directly to your usual pharmacy, you will not be able to come into the clinic to collect your repeat prescription. If you can do this online through Health365 please do. There is no need to panic about repeat prescriptions, the government has assured us that supply of medications has not been affected at this time.

We are working on how to process lab test forms, and will look at faxing these to LabTests. At present lab tests is restricting what they are processing, so we will treat you if symptoms support this without a positive result.

Physio appointments

Tim and Jamie will still be seeing and treating well patients (please do not come and see them if you are unwell). Please let reception staff know you have arrived, and wait in your car until one of our physios collects you. They will be taking online payments to reduce the time you spend in clinic.


To reduce the time you spend in our clinic exposed to other people, we will not be processing EFTPOS payments. An invoice will be emailed to you for phone, video or face-to-face consults as well as for repeat prescriptions. The invoice will contain our bank account details for you to pay by direct credit.

Health 365

Please use our Health 365 online service wherever you can- for non-urgent doctor queries, repeat prescriptions etc. This is a free service available to all our patients, reception can help you access this if you have never done so. There may be a 10 minute consult charge, if H365 is used in lieu of a doctor appointment.


We are following the strictest hygiene guidelines to limit any potential spread at Te Atatu Health. This includes sanitising all surfaces throughout the day and following the strictest personal hygiene protocols for both ourselves and any equipment we use. In return, we ask that you only use the patient bathroom if absolutely necessary, and stand rather than sit if possible. There will be no toys, magazines or books in our waiting room. Please do not bring children with you to your appointments (unless the appointment is for them).

Concerns or queries? Contact us.