In the interest of providing scientific, factual information, we have compiled some resources around Covid-19 that may be helpful.  These include articles around pandemics and a helpful video by Dr Michelle Dickinson to show children.

Remember hand and cough hygiene are the key ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  The Ministry of Health also has a dedicated number, 0800 358 5453, with translators available, to answer any questions you have about you or your whanau possibly having Covid-19.  Contact them, and phone us if there advice is to follow-up with a GP.  Please do not come into the clinic, as you will be putting the vulnerable at risk.

Ministry of Health updates

The Ministry of Health has updates relevant to the general public including signs and symptoms, advice for those working or living with the elderly and in a variety of different languages.

Michelle Dickinson (aka Nanogirl) on how to explain Covid-19 to children

A practical guide to dealing with the arrival of the coronavirus in New Zealand

Covid-19 is going nowhere. Here’s what every New Zealander can do

Travel advice considering Covid-19