Have you had a skin check lately?

Annual Skin Checks

Living in New Zealand we all have to be extra careful when it comes to protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the cancer risks associated with our environment.

What you can do?

It is recommended by Melanoma New Zealand that you perform regular self examinations

Check your entire body, including skin not normally exposed to the sun e.g. armpit and groin areas.

Look for –

  • new spots or an existing spots, freckle or mole that has changed in colour, shape or size
  • spots that bleed or are itchy
  • spots that become raised quickly and catch on clothing
  • the colouring of the problem spot may be multi-coloured, white or the same colour as your skin
  • Anything that grows rapidly and is found on the head and neck. (You may need help to access hard to see areas)

We encourage you to discuss skin monitoring and any changes with one of our team

What can we do?

Book to see one our team who will discuss your history and that of your family, perform a full body dermascope examination and create a plan for any further treatment based on their findings. This may include minor surgery which can be done on site in our surgical room.

Next steps….

Give us a call and book a 30 minute appointment with Dr Drader or Dr Woollett

Minor surgery costs vary dependent on the number of lesions and in most cases the cost can be covered by your health insurer.

Concerns or queries? Contact us.